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Latin Chord Book front page

Free Latin Chord E-Book

If you are interested in Latin Jazz chords as they relate to popular Latin tunes then this book will serve as a great introduction. This e-book will cover: The basics of chord construction, Extended chords, chord patterns, a chord dictionary of all the major latin jazz chords, some practice chord progressions. Included are also 5 […]

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Alzapua is a flamenco technique involving the thumb. the term comes from the word alzar which means to raise. It is usually payed as a fast flourish of notes in quick sequence. The thumb plays all notes using down and up strokes. Played accurately and fast it can sound fantastic as a high point of a falseta or […]

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Guitar Conversations Podcast Artwork2

New Podcast- Guitar Conversations

I have a new podcast show called Guitar Conversations! Join me as I interviews local and international guitarists talking with them about their about their story, inspirations and creative processes. Guitar Conversations will explore insights from master guitarists, their tips and tricks, how they practice, overcoming challenges and staying motivated. The podcast hopes to provide the listener […]

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Circle of Fifths

What is the circle of fifths chord progression? Well, chords and tonalities have various relationships to each other. For example, the chords C, F, and G7 are all part of the key of C. They form the chords I, IV and V7. Put another way, they are the first, fourth and fifth chords in that […]

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