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     Guitarist Sergio brings experience, passion and masterful insight.

  • Learn Brasilian, Spanish and Flamenco styles in the LGM Academy

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Latin Guitar Mastery is your portal to Latin guitar styles. Join the LGM Academy or download the e-books on Spanish Guitar & Flamenco, Brasilian and South American Styles, Classical and more.

What’s Inside ?

Here are some of the courses inside the academy:

brasi vol1
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Instant Access

Get instant access to all lessons so that you can work through them at their own pace.[/ezcol_1third_end]

$19.00 / month Sign Up Now


Course material is also available as an ebook $29. This includes sheet music (TAB/standard Notation) as well as study notes and tech work.

Snapshot of Lessons

Here is a snapshot of what you’ll find inside.