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Brazilian styles like Bossa Nova, and Samba, Spanish and flamenco, and classical techniques.

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Latin Classical guitarist Sergio Ercole offers masterful techniques and insights with 20 years teaching experience and is an international performing career.

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Tip Of The Day: Chromatic Scale with rhythmic variations

Today I’m going to talk about Chromatic scales. A chromatic scale can start on any note because t encompasses all 12 notes of the octave. We’re going to start on the 6th String and play 0 1 2 3 4 or F F# G G# and continue on to the 5th string and so on […]

Tip Of The Day: Major 7th Arpeggios

Today I’m going to show you a good technical exercise to add to your daily practice called Major 7th Arpeggios. After I’ve gone through some scales when I practice I like to go through some arpeggios. There is a two octave arpeggio that I like to play. Let’s say we start on G on the […]