Guitar Conversations Podcast

I have an informative and entertaining podcast show where I interview guitarists called Guitar Conversations. Here are some of my latest episodes you can find the rest on my personal website  

Fantastic Choro Playing

Here’s an evocative piece by Livio Gianola called Choro e Melopea. I love the way he blends elements of chore with flamenco.

Free Latin Chord E-Book

If you are interested in Latin Jazz chords as they relate to popular Latin tunes then this book will serve as a great introduction. This e-book will cover: The basics of chord construction, Extended chords, chord patterns, a chord dictionary of all the major latin jazz chords, some practice chord progressions. Included are also 5 […]

The Four Times Rule – How to Eliminate buzzes and wrong notes

The Four Times rule is something you can use to improve the quality of your practice and eliminate small and annoying mistakes that can creep into your playing. Sometimes mistakes do happen when practicing or performing and thats ok but we can definitely minimise them through methods like this one. One often finds that under performance […]

New Tech Video – Speed Bursts

Here is a great new tech workout I call Speed Bursts. It is a great tool for effectively improving your scale speed. A metronome is required and some patience. I have achieved great results from this method which combines both classical and flamenco techniques. Available in the course Tech Essentials

Tech Video : Independence

Here is the tech video of the week on Finger Independence. If you want to have a more relaxed and accurate technique these exercises will help you greatly. Members can get access here Want to join the Academy? No fixed contract, find out more here    

New Technique Video Lesson – Alzapua and Golpe

This week tech video features the Alzapua techniques and the Golpe. It goes alongside this week’s lesson which is an Alegrias which uses this technique. Academy members can access it here. Want to join the Academy? Click here.