Sergio seated curb

About Sergio

Latin/classical guitarist Sergio Ercole was born in Florence and moved to Melbourne in 1980. “Music is another language I’ve learnt, just like English – a language I understand, like to speak and continue to learn about,” Sergio says. Sergio completed a Masters of Music at Melbourne University – studying under John Griffiths and taking masterclasses with world-renowned guitarist John Williams before taking further study in Italy with Oscar Ghiglia and Alirio Diaz.

Sergio’s talents are well respected within the music industry with performers including The Cat Empire, Lief and Hollywood film writer and musician, Tim Davies, regularly inviting Sergio to collaborate with them on their albums and on stage. Sergio was also asked to compose and perform the title track for Frank Lotito’s romantic comedy ‘Big Mamma’s Boy’.

Sergio runs the classical guitar program at Haileybury College and this month collaborated with the Grigoryan Brothers and Italian guitarist Massimo Scattolin. You can read more about Sergio at