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Lesson 1 Sitting and Holding The Guitar

Welcome to my beginner guitar course! In this lesson we will talk about holding the guitar, sitting and arm positions. Below are a few review questions you can answer after you watch the video. Questions:  

Lesson 2 Guitar Notation Basics

 This video will walk you through some music notation basics. Watch through the full video and then answer the questions below to help you review the details. Yu can come back to this lesson if you need at any stage. Review

Lesson 3 The Rest Stroke

 Place: this first contact with the string is very important. If you don’t have contact with the string in a consistent and correct place on your finger, then the resulting sound quality will likely be poor. Pressure: an inward pressure is key here, with the power joint being the big knuckle joint. This string […]

Lesson 5 Overview of First Three Strings

Notes on Staff               Notes as played on fretboard The red lines show the direction you take ascending up the scale. There are notes beyond A on the third string for example but we won’t be dealing with those as they are beyond first position.

Lesson 8 B to G Scale

 In this lesson we will practice the notes on the first and second string. The play along tracks below include some fun but simple pieces for you to start learn to read the notes. Play Along Track or

Lesson 9 Reading Tips and Tricks

Now that you are starting to read here are some reading tips: Name, Find and Finger It’s good practice to name the note, find the note on the fretboard and know which finger you are supposed to use. Practising this process will help you internalise the notes quickly and also make sure you are playing […]

Lesson 10 Rhythm Exercises

In these exercises we’ll start practicing various rhythms on the open strings. Here are some tips: keep Right Hand Fingers walking (index – middle) use Rest Stroke throughout repeat each rhythm until it feels comfortable Play Along Track or    

Lesson 11 Latin Guitar Tunes

The following three pieces feature the Latin Guitar styles: Latin Blues, Bossa Nova and Rumba. Here is s brief description of each style: Latin Blues is a Latin style that mixes the blues chords and chord progressions with a Latin feel and percussion. This style has been popularised by artists such as Carlos Santana. Bossa […]

Lesson 14 – More Rumbas and Bossas

Here are two new pieces I wrote which will test your reading and playing skills. The first has a flamenco Rumba feel and the second one is a Bossa Nova called Andiamo. Tip: You can use the track selector at the bottom of the window to change to ‘backing track’ which will play only the […]

Lesson 15 – Adding Quavers

The following well known tunes also include quavers as part of their melodies.  To get confident with the rhythm you can clap out the rhythm before you play, or clap as the track plays along. Play Along Day or    

Lesson 16 – The open bass strings

Here are the open strings. We often play these with the thumb so we will briefly look at the thumb technique. As with the i (index) m (middle) and a (ring) fingers the thumb can play both free stroke and rest stroke. In the upcoming exercises we will concentrate on free stroke for the thumb. Technique […]

Lesson 17 – Combining Bass and Treble

The following exercises will focus on combining the open bass strings with the notes on the first three strings. Make sure you: Use rest stroke for treble strings (top three strings) Open Bass Strings with free stroke as per last lesson. You can let the bass strings ring on. Try with and without the provided […]

Lesson 18 – More practice Pieces

here are three pieces that will help you practice the following techniques: Giant Steps combines open bass notes and playing chords on the top three strings. Latin Nights further explores the bass and treble technique. Rodrigo is more focussed on melody and accompaniment. Play Along Track or  

Lesson 19 – Notes on the bass strings

The notes on the bass strings are more challenging to learn as from the 5th string down the notes go below the staff. Notes can continue below the staff however we need to use ledger lines to show how far below the staff they are. You are more likely to see ledger lines on guitar […]

Lesson 20 – The Free Stroke (Tirando)

This stroke is used mainly in situations where you need to play across multiple strings.  The follow through will be up and ‘free’ so that it clears the string above. We designate a finger to each string as: o i on 3rd string o m on 2nd string a on 1st string The thumb will […]