Lesson 11 Latin Guitar Tunes

The following three pieces feature the Latin Guitar styles: Latin Blues, Bossa Nova and Rumba. Here is s brief description of each style:

Latin Blues is a Latin style that mixes the blues chords and chord progressions with a Latin feel and percussion. This style has been popularised by artists such as Carlos Santana.

Bossa Nova means the new style and originated in Brasil in the 50s. It has elements of samba and other Brasilian forms. Antonio Carlos Jobim was a famous Boos Nova composer with songs like Girl From Ipanema and One Note Samba. The Bossa Nova is a lighter, popular style which has also become a Latin Jazz staple. Brasil has many other musical forms which are more complicated and virtuosic like Choro and Samba. In all of these styles, the guitar plays a central role.

The Rumba is a style of flamenco (palo) also known as the cantes de ida y vuelta. It originated in the 19th Century in Andalusia. It is usually accompanied by hand-clapping , cajon and castenets.

The rhythm is characterised by the rhythm 3-3-2 in quavers. Eg:

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