Misionera by Jorge Morel

In this guitar tutorial, I will show you how to play the first part of Jorge Morel’s arrangement Misionera by Fernando Bustamente. Morel was an Argentinian guitarist who wrote and arranged for guitar. Intro bars 1-4 The intro features a 2 bar A minor chord sequence. The bass is playing an arpeggiated melody with the […]

Learn Modes on the Guitar

Modes are types of scales, they include the major and natural minor scale but also include other more interesting scales which feature in Latin Jazz flamenco and Brasilian music as well. In this tutorial, we’ll look at modes on the guitar. I will try shed some light on this often confusing topic. I though the […]

Entre Dos Aguas – Alzapua Passage

    In this guitar tutorial, I’ll show you how to play this Alzapua passage in Entre Dos Aguas by Paco De Lucia. This is a descending pattern in E minor also known as the Andalusian Cadence starting with Em – D – C – B7. The melody is in the bass part and seeing […]

Cuban Dance Guitar Tutorial

In this video tutorial I will teach my arrangement of Cuban Dance which is a standard in the Latin Guitar Repertoire. Play Along Track or  

Corcovado Guitar Arrangement Part 3

Here is the final part of my Corcovado arrangement. It is a bit more challenging than the previous section as we will be playing up the next more with position shifts and quick chord changes. It’s quite playable and with practice intermediate players should get this under fingers. Play Along Track or  

Lesson 1 Sitting and Holding The Guitar

Welcome to my beginner guitar course! In this lesson we will talk about holding the guitar, sitting and arm positions. Below are a few review questions you can answer after you watch the video. Questions:

Lesson 2 Guitar Notation Basics

 This video will walk you through some music notation basics. Watch through the full video and then answer the questions below to help you review the details. Yu can come back to this lesson if you need at any stage. Review

Lesson 3 The Rest Stroke

 Place: this first contact with the string is very important. If you don’t have contact with the string in a consistent and correct place on your finger, then the resulting sound quality will likely be poor. Pressure: an inward pressure is key here, with the power joint being the big knuckle joint. This string […]

Lesson 5 Overview of First Three Strings

Notes on Staff               Notes as played on fretboard The red lines show the direction you take ascending up the scale. There are notes beyond A on the third string for example but we won’t be dealing with those as they are beyond first position.