Lesson 4 Picado: Beginner Course

Our next lesson will involve practicing picado or rest stroke. Picado is used for melodic passages and scale work. It’s important that the right hand fingers are always walking or alternating. Keep practicing this walking as talked about in lesson 2. Here are some exercises and scales to practice your picado. We will put picado […]

Beginner Guitar Technique

0:27 Right Hand Technique 3:27 Simple Right Hand Rhythm 4:38 Arpeggio 5:55 Left Hand Technique 6:37 Left Hand Exercise 1 7:20 Left Hand Exercise 2 8:02 LH Exercise 3 8:45 Synchronisation 10:40 Drills Video

Guitar Sitting and Hand Positions Tutorial

It’s important to learn and use the correct sitting and hand positions when playing guitar. Whether you are just starting or trying to improve your playing, it’s a good idea to revisit the basics periodically. Sitting There are a number of possible sitting positions which will work well. You can adopt the classical sitting position […]