Summer Bossa Bossa Nova Guitar Tutorial

In this tutorial I explore the Bossa Nova chord voicings and also how I would approach improvising over the chord changes. Below is the soundslice sheet music/notation of: Bossa nova chord progression. Written out improvisation   Sheet music and TAB     Bossa Nova Chords Improvisation Solo Chart with scales

A Felicidade guitar arrangement

  Carlos Jobim and Vicinius de Moraes collaborated in writing this song for the movie Black Orpheus. The name A Felicidade means ‘happiness’. I have adapted the key to suit the guitar better in the key or A minor.   Sheet music and TAB    

Meditação (Meditation) by Jobim – Bossa Nova Chords and Melody

“Meditação” is a beautiful bossa nova song composed by Antônio Carlos Jobim, one of the most influential Brazilian musicians and composers of the 20th century. Jobim, also known as Tom Jobim, was a key figure in the development of the bossa nova genre, which blends traditional Brazilian rhythms with jazz harmonies. “Meditação” was written by […]

The Way You Look Tonight – Fingerstyle/Bossa Nova

This arrangement of this beautiful classic is not too difficult I think though there are a few stretches, bar chords and positions changes. It will definitely challenge you but it is rhythmically fairly straight forward. The rhythms can be more improvised so don’t feel that you need to be too strict with that. LGM Members […]

Agua De Beber – Chords and Melody

In this week’s tutorial we will look at Agua de Beber chords and melody. Written by Antônio Carlos Jobim and lyrics written by Vinícius de Moraes. I have made a finger style Bossa Nova arrangement of this previously which you can find here.   Sheet music and TAB [restrict paid=true] [/restrict]


Here is a new piece called Sentimento. It has a Bossa/Latin feel in D major with a small modulation to B minor. It is very melody driven with chordal and bass accompaniment. Video and tutorial coming this week! Sheet music and TAB  

Nature Boy for Latin Guitar

  Nature Boy has a beautiful melody and really suited to the nylon guitar. In this arrangement I have shifted the key up to E minor which suits the guitar well. It also allows me to add some open string harmonics and utilise some classical style textures to fill in the gaps of the harmony. […]

Blue Bossa Fingerstyle Guitar

I have made a fun arrangement of the famous Latin Jazz tune Blue Bossa. Blue Bossa is normally in C minor but I transposed it up a third to E minor which is also a better guitar key. It has a Latin groove mixed in with some Bossa Nova. Member’s can have access to this […]

Bossa Bacana (Bossa Nova Guitar)

Here is a new Bossa Nova I wrote this week, called Bossa Bacana. It has some influences from Jobim and other Brasilian pieces.       Interactive Sheet Music/TAB