Valsa Negra

  Here is a new piece I wrote in the style of a waltz or valsa. It’s a melody that came to me and I built a piece around this haunting melody. It has a few stretches and technical challenges but if you approach it from a romantic perspective you can be quite fluid with […]

Summertime Tango (Ercole/Gershwin)

Here is my new guitar arrangement of Summertime by George Gershwin. I turned it into a Tango in E minor, and will suit intermediate players. It features rolled chords, arpeggios phrases, and a variety of other techniques which should provide an good challenge!   Sheet music and TAB    

I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Fingerstyle Guitar

Here is a new arrangement I have made of the beautiful Cole Porter song I’ve got you under my skin. I have moved the key down one semitone to E minor which fits a lot better on guitar. It features a flowing arpeggio style feel and also some Bossa Nova elements.   Sheet music and […]

Primavera by Sergio Ercole

Here is a new piece I wrote to celebrate the changing of the seasons, it is actually summer in Melbourne but it’s only now that the better weather is coming. Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Valsa Nostalgica

  Here is a latin waltz I wrote in E minor. It features a melody that moves along the first string, and quite a lot of arpeggio work. This is suitable for intermediate players and will help you to develop a 3/4 dance feel that is featured in so many Latin American pieces. Members get access […]

The Spirits – Latin/Classical Guitar original

I wrote this piece last week and performed it recently for the first time. It features an unusual tuning with drop Eb and a raised G# third string. Sheet music is shown below for LGM Members, a tutorial will go up soo too!   Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Estudio Di Arpeggio

Here is an arpeggio study that I wrote to help develop the RH and also work on LH slurs and position shifts. LGM Members can get the tutorial and sheet music below: Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Estudio Di Arpeggio

This arpeggios study will help you develop your right hand, it has a variety of patterns in E minor moving up the neck. There is also some tremolo technique required. A great work out and warm up!   Interactive Sheet Music/TAB

Retrato Brasileiro by Baden Powell

Baden Powell was a leading Brasilian guitarist and composer. He wrote in many styles including Bossa Nova and Samba, Popular Brasilian and Latin Jazz. He toured internationally for many years especially Europe and collaborated with many well-known artists including Vinicius de Moraes, Billy Blanco and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro. Here is one of Baden Powell’s slower pieces, it […]

Malaguena Guitar Solo

The Malagueña is a Spanish dance that originated in the Spanish city of Malaga. It features a 3/4 feel and a familiar bass arpeggio that returns throughout. There are many versions of this dance and it is found in both Spanish classical and flamenco as well. This version offers some fun and challenge for intermediate […]