Blue Bossa Fingerstyle Guitar

I have made a fun arrangement of the famous Latin Jazz tune Blue Bossa. Blue Bossa is normally in C minor but I transposed it up a third to E minor which is also a better guitar key. It has a Latin groove mixed in with some Bossa Nova. Member’s can have access to this […]

Choro Andaluz

This piece has a choro feel mixed with Andalusian rhythms. There is lots of syncopation and a variety of chord progressions including, II-V-I, circle of fifths and Andalusian cadences. Can you spot where they are? The tutorial will reveal: Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Primavera by Sergio Ercole

Here is a new piece I wrote to celebrate the changing of the seasons, it is actually summer in Melbourne but it’s only now that the better weather is coming. Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Samba Em Preludio – Baden Powell

  This week’s lesson is on Baden Powell’s beautiful prelude and slow samba Samba Em Prelude recorded in 1962. It features and arpeggio style first section and a more lyrical second part. The tutorial will be posted this week! Members get access to the full score below:     Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Valsa Nostalgica

  Here is a latin waltz I wrote in E minor. It features a melody that moves along the first string, and quite a lot of arpeggio work. This is suitable for intermediate players and will help you to develop a 3/4 dance feel that is featured in so many Latin American pieces. Members get access […]

Bossa Bacana (Bossa Nova Guitar)

Here is a new Bossa Nova I wrote this week, called Bossa Bacana. It has some influences from Jobim and other Brasilian pieces.       Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Tango Nights

  Here is a new guitar Tango that I wrote this week. There is quite an Italian romantic flavour to it especially in the middle section.     Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

The Spirits – Latin/Classical Guitar original

I wrote this piece last week and performed it recently for the first time. It features an unusual tuning with drop Eb and a raised G# third string. Sheet music is shown below for LGM Members, a tutorial will go up soo too!   Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

¿Quién será? (Sway) Guitar Arrangement (Spanish Guitar)

Here is my arrangement of the famous song Sway by Demetrio and Pablo Beltrán Ruiz first recorded in 1953 and made famous by Dean Martin some years later. I have been experimenting with the melody and adding some arpeggios in a flamenco style. I like to play this with capo 2 to add some brightness […]