¿Quién será? (Sway) Guitar Arrangement (Spanish Guitar)

Here is my arrangement of the famous song Sway by Demetrio and Pablo Beltrán Ruiz first recorded in 1953 and made famous by Dean Martin some years later. I have been experimenting with the melody and adding some arpeggios in a flamenco style. I like to play this with capo 2 to add some brightness […]

September News – What’s new

New lessons include: Wave Bossa Nova Chords  Quizas, Quizas, Quizas Manha De Carnaval Bossa Nova Chords Corcovado Bossa Nova Chords New in Learn Latin Guitar Vol.3 Allegro by Giuliani Picado Practice – Natural notes Harmonic Minor and Phrygian Dominant Improvising with scales Tangos Latin Jazz Chord Notation Bossa Nova #2 – Decending Melody Bossa Nova […]

Wave Bossa Nova Chords

Here is the chord progression to Waves by Carlos Jobim. These are the voicings I would use as accompaniment.     Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Manha De Carnaval Bossa Nova Chords

In this lesson we will work through the famous Bossa Nova – Manha De Carnaval by Luis Nova. This chart will show you the guitar chords and chord voicings I use when I  accompany a singer or another guitarist in performance. Below is the chart you can interact with (vary tempo/play along/transpose/print etc), available to […]

Estudio Di Arpeggio

Here is an arpeggio study that I wrote to help develop the RH and also work on LH slurs and position shifts. LGM Members can get the tutorial and sheet music below: Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Hearts by Sergio

Hearts is an original finger style piece I wrote a few years ago and have finally notated it. It has an E Lydian feel, with a lot of open string resonances. Sheet music and tutorial below for members: Interactive Sheet Music/TAB

Danza Romantica

Here is a new piece I wrote recently which has a distinct Brazilian flavour. It’s in the key of B minor and features a fun syncopated melody and Latin Jazz chords and harmony. The tutorial will be available soon for LGM Members. look in the members area for the sheet music?TAB. Interactive Sheet Music/TAB

Rumba Festiva

This is new original piece I wrote inspired by the Rumba Flamenco form. I have also added a Brasilian/Latin feel in the middle section. See below for the music or you can also purchase it in the sheet music shop. Guitar tutorial coming this week! Interactive Sheet Music/TAB