Nightless Night Guitar Tremolo by Sergio Ercole

  Here is my new called Nightless Night, inspired by the long nights in Finland and Northern Europe. It is a tremolo piece in B minor with G on the third string tuned down to F#. There are quite a few stretches and it’s a bit of a work out on the left hand, but […]

Valsa Negra

  Here is a new piece I wrote in the style of a waltz or valsa. It’s a melody that came to me and I built a piece around this haunting melody. It has a few stretches and technical challenges but if you approach it from a romantic perspective you can be quite fluid with […]

Summer Bossa Bossa Nova Guitar Tutorial

In this tutorial I explore the Bossa Nova chord voicings and also how I would approach improvising over the chord changes. Below is the soundslice sheet music/notation of: Bossa nova chord progression. Written out improvisation   Sheet music and TAB     Bossa Nova Chords Improvisation Solo Chart with scales

New Podcast!

I have a new YouTube podcast show which will be continuing into 2024 called Latin Guitar Mastery podcast. In the show I answer audience questions relating to guitar and also Latin guitar styles and also give some insights into the content on the blog and YouTube channel. I am hoping to have some guests on […]

A Felicidade guitar arrangement

  Carlos Jobim and Vicinius de Moraes collaborated in writing this song for the movie Black Orpheus. The name A Felicidade means ‘happiness’. I have adapted the key to suit the guitar better in the key or A minor.   Sheet music and TAB    

Oblivion (Piazzola)

  Astor Piazzola is an icon of Tango and Argentina. Oblivion is a haunting piece of music which has often performed on guitar. This is my arrangement of Oblivion in E minor. Sheet music and TAB

El Vito (Andalusian Traditional)

  El Vito is a traditional Spanish folk song and dance that originates from the Andalusian region of Spain. The song’s origins can be traced back to the 19th century and many versions have been made for both solo guitar and also with lyrics in song form.   This version is based on the one […]

Summertime Tango (Ercole/Gershwin)

Here is my new guitar arrangement of Summertime by George Gershwin. I turned it into a Tango in E minor, and will suit intermediate players. It features rolled chords, arpeggios phrases, and a variety of other techniques which should provide an good challenge!   Sheet music and TAB