Primavera by Sergio Ercole

Here is a new piece I wrote to celebrate the changing of the seasons, it is actually summer in Melbourne but it’s only now that the better weather is coming. Interactive Sheet Music/TAB    

Hearts by Sergio

Hearts is an original finger style piece I wrote a few years ago and have finally notated it. It has an E Lydian feel, with a lot of open string resonances. Sheet music and tutorial below for members: Interactive Sheet Music/TAB

Danza Romantica

Here is a new piece I wrote recently which has a distinct Brazilian flavour. It’s in the key of B minor and features a fun syncopated melody and Latin Jazz chords and harmony. The tutorial will be available soon for LGM Members. look in the members area for the sheet music?TAB. Interactive Sheet Music/TAB

Rumba Festiva

This is new original piece I wrote inspired by the Rumba Flamenco form. I have also added a Brasilian/Latin feel in the middle section. See below for the music or you can also purchase it in the sheet music shop. Guitar tutorial coming this week! Interactive Sheet Music/TAB