Andres Segovia at Los Olivos

Here is an excellent documentary about Andres Segovia and his life. Filmed in 1968 when Segovia was 75, the documentary features interviews with the Maestro and a number of performances. Segovia plays beautifully and has an amazing tone, there is a nice quality to this film.

This is an informative and inspiring video about Segovia. Segovia created a roadmap for the classical guitar into the 20th Century. He inspired composers like Torroba, Ponce, Turina, Villa-Lobos to write for the guitar, and transcribed a large amount of repertoire from other instruments. He taught masterclasses through- out his life and gave countless recitals around the world.

Segovia’s legacy is still very strong in Europe and the US and his technical and musical approach is still highly regarded even though  technique, tone, guitar making and a number of other factors have changed considerably over the past 20 years


4’35 Discussion about the state of the guitar in the late 19th Century

12’42 About guitar repertoire

16’15 Fandanguillo by Torroba

Andres Segovia – At Los Olivos by juancarlosdavalos