Giuliani – Composer Profile and Sheet Music

Mauro Giuliani(1781-1829) was a leading guitar figure of the Classical period. He was a prolific composer and virtuoso guitarist and teacher. His music forms an important part of the classical guitar repertoire and his studies are an essential repertoire for students. Unfortunately, Andres Segovia, who helped revive interest in the classical guitar in the early part of the 20th Century, was not a fan of Giuliani, so Giuliani’s music was rediscovered more recently (in the last 60 years).
Giuliani was born in Naples but spent time in other Italian cities. He was based in Vienna for many years where he got to know much of the classical elite class and notable composers such as Beethoven and Rossini. His music very much reflects the style and musical sensibilities of the time many of his works are like orchestral miniatures.

Here is a list of his most notable compositions, along with the sheet music you can try.

This series of 120 arpeggio studies are taught throughout music schools around the world.

A beautiful and elegant sonata full of guitaristic character and orchestral overtones.

An exciting and virtuosic work for guitar and Orchestra.

A truly virtuosic work pushing the guitar to its virtuosic limits.

This piece sits very well under the fingers and an audience favorite.

a series of works inspired buy the works, Rossini.


Iinspired by Beethoven’s sonata of the same name.