“I discovered Sergio Ercole when I was trying to learn One Note Samba on Youtube. I loved the brief glimpse of his teaching style, and when I discovered that he teaches online, I decided to give it a try. I’ve taken music lessons many times over the past 50+ years — french horn, piano, and guitar — but studying with Sergio is the best learning experience I’ve had. After six months, I’m one of Sergio’s biggest fans, and I have already developed a little repertoire of latin and classical tunes. Not only is he a fantastic performer of classical and latin music and an empathetic teacher, he is also a master of digital communication. His website, latinguitarmastery.com, is quite deep and technologically advanced, and has lessons for every level. He’s passionate about the instrument and its repertoire and even hosts a podcast in which he interviews players and guitar experts from around the world. I look forward to the Skype lessons. Even though Sergio is 14 time zones away, I might as well be in the same room with him.”

Ron Stanford