Entre Dos Aguas


This piece, written by Paco De Lucia, was written in 1973 and is featured on is album Fuente y caudal. As told by his sister on the documentary Light and Shade Paco improvised this piece as a filler for the album. Ironically it was a runaway hit and helped Paco break in to the US market. The Rumba is one of the simpler flamenco forms being characterized by a 3 – 3 – 2 rhythm.

The piece has 3 sections fundamentally in Em.

A section – Am7 – Bm7 – Am7 – B7

B section – Em – D7 – C7 – B7

C section – D7 – Em

The A section features an A Dorian mode, The B section features an E harmonic minor mode, and the C section features a D mixolydian to E minor modes.

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