Thanks for your enquiry!

Here is some additional information about teaching on this Blog:

Things you’ll need:

  • video equipment- this includes camera and some sort of mic. I now have a DSLR but often still use my iodine with a plug-in condenser mic. Some basic lighting is also recommended but not essential.
  • notation software – I use a service called Soundslice. Its extremely versatile and user friendly and really helps the online student experience. You will need some sort of notation software to upload your files, there are a number of options including Sibelius (what I use) and other programs like Guitar Pro that also work.
  • Good Content – I’m looking for great content, I want to continue to improve the quality of lessons and articles.
  • Blog – as part of teaching on LGM you will be required to create some free blog posts.
  • Charisma – Im looking for people who are confident and good communicators

This forum is a chance for you to build an audience. there is some good traffic going to the website but you will also need to promote it as well.

I’ll be in touch!