LGM Podcast Ep 1: Choro

Welcome to the first episode of the Latin Guitar Mastery Podcast. This podcast will feature short episodes on Latin Guitar styles, techniques, players and more.

I had a chat with guitarist Doug De Vries about what Brasilian choro music is. Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

Doug: Choro is a bit like jazz, it’s all-encompassing. It includes Samba and other Brasilian styles.

Sergio: What would be a good Choro to start with?

Doug: I got into it with the music of Baden Powell, he was the main driver for me to get into Brasilian music and Brasilian guitar. He had some choros. There’s one in Volume 1 (I think)of his transcriptions called Retraito Brasileiro. That’s a nice one, not so difficult to play, and gives you a sense of the soulfulness of choro. On the other side of the coin, you get very bright, lively and virtuosic.