Lesson Directory

Adelita by Tarrega-Mazurka

Allegro Moderato Op 60 No19 by Carcassi – Classical Guitar

Allegro Op48 No5 by Giuliani – Classical Guitar

Alzapua and Golpe – Technique

Andantino Op 241 No5 by Carulli – Classical Guitar

Andiamo- Learn Latin Guitar

B, C and D -Learn Latin Guitar

Bamboleo Rumba

Barcelona Nights – Rumba

Besame Mucho – Bossa Nova

Basic Scales in first position

Black Orpheus – Bossa Nova

Bolero – Classical Guitar

Bossa De Inverno – Bossa Nova

Bulerias – Flamenco

C major : Thirds, Sixths, Octave and Tenths – Technique

Chromatic Scale and Slurs- Technique

Cielo (Alegrias) – Flamenco

Circle of Fifths – Bossa Nova Lesson

Combining Bass and Treble Strings-Learn Latin Guitar

Concerto Aranjuez Tutorials – Spanish Guitar

Daily Guitar Drills – Guitar Technique

Danza Viva – Spanish Guitar

E, F, and G Exercises -Learn Latin Guitar

Finger Independence- Technique

Free Stroke Exercises-Technique

Fuego-Learn Latin Guitar

G Major / E minor and F#-Scales

Girl From Ipanema – Bossa Nova Chart

Girl From Ipanema – Bossa Nova Guitar

Guitar Notation Basics-Learn Latin Guitar

Here Comes The Sun – Beatles

Independence Exercise-Technqiue

L’ Agrima by Tarrega – Spanish Guitar

Lamentos Do Morro – Samba

Latin Nights-Learn Latin Guitar

Lezione by Giuliani-Classical

Maha De Carneval – Bossa Nova Guitar

Major 7th Arpeggios – Guitar Technique

Malaguena -Spanish Guitar

Malagueña – Spanish Guitar

Malaguena Basics -Flamenco

Mexicano (in G major)-Learn Latin Guitar

Milonga – Tango Guitar


Natural Scale Patterns -Technique

One Note Samba – Brazilian Guitar

Open Bass Exercises-Learn Latin Guitar

Open Bass Strings-Learn Latin Guitar

Overview of First Three Strings-Learn Latin Guitar

Overview of the Bass Strings-Learn Latin Guitar

Parts of the Guitar-Learn Latin Guitar

Pensiero – Bossa Nova Guitar

Practicing the 4th, 5th and 6th Strings-Learn Latin Guitar

Quizás (Perhaps) – Bossa Nova Guitar

Rest Stroke Exercises-Technique

Retrato Brasilero- Brasilian Guitar

Rhythm Exercises-Learn Latin Guitar

Rodrigo-Learn Latin Gutar

Rumba Arpeggios – Flamenco

Rumba De La Noche – Flamenco Guitar

Rumba Exercise in First Position

Rumba Flamenca- Rumba

Rumba Improvisada-Rumba

Rumba Nova – Flamenco/Spanish

Rumba Nova – Spanish Rumba

Rumbossa- Spanish Guitar

Sangria-Learn Latin Guitar

Sitting and Hand Positions-Technique

Sons De Carrilhoes – Brasilian Guitar

Spanish Ballad Tutorial- Spanish Guitar

Spanish Picking (Gipsy Kings Style) – Flamenco Guitar

Speed Bursts-technique

Study in A Op60 No 4 by Carcassi – Classical Guitar

Study Op 60 No 7 by Carcassi – Classical Guitar

Summer Bossa-Learn Latin Guitar

Sway – Bossa Nova

Tech Video 3: Giuliani Arpeggios

Technique Video: Right and Left Hand Walking

The B to G Scale-Learn Latin Guitar

The Free Stroke-Technique

The Rest Stroke-Technique

The Third String

Vals by Calatayud-Waltz

Yesterday – The Beatles