Learn Armando’s Rhumba Guitar Solo

Armando’s Rhumba is considered a jazz standard, it was written in 1976 and appears on the Chick Corea album My Spanish Heart. The original key is C minor but I have transposed it to A minor for guitar, you can also use a capo on 3 to get the original key sound. I have also changed the rhythms a little to fit with the technique that I am using on guitar which is essentially a lot of picado and arpeggio. The third part is my variation in which I go into Bossa Nova territory. I will probably keep adding variations to this as well.

See below for an interactive score and also to print/download music.

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  • Dominic Swords

    Here we go. Great arrangement. FYI since subscribing with you I have been finding a much more effective way of learning: I always now start with an initial section and stay with it, feeling the groove and really learning it before moving on. It’s kinda almost inevitable that those early bars are the easier part of the piece so, using it as a sound platform, prepares for the rest. So far so good on this one. Not at all as complex as first sight suggested. Cheers Dominic

    • Sergio

      Thanks for your feedback! It’s good to hear how you are approach learning the content, I can keep that in mind when I am doing the tutorial videos.

  • Dominic Swords

    Hey this is really fun to play. The arpeggio basis helps as it’s the chord and the melody too so you can give a real expressiveness in that early section. Bars 15 – 20 are a dream. I love that dramatic move from the high C voicing down to the first position C and then that pedal G. It falls well under the fingers and just feels good to play. Will be good to see where you take it as you develop further into a performance piece like you suggest and discover what’s in the song. It’s all new to me playing songs like this and it’s great. D

    • Sergio

      Thanks Dominic! I’m performing it this weekend so it will be interesting to see where it goes.