Beginner Guitar Technique

  • 0:27 Right Hand Technique
  • 3:27 Simple Right Hand Rhythm
  • 4:38 Arpeggio
  • 5:55 Left Hand Technique
  • 6:37 Left Hand Exercise 1
  • 7:20 Left Hand Exercise 2
  • 8:02 LH Exercise 3
  • 8:45 Synchronisation
  • 10:40 Drills Video


  • Misterfraank

    Thanks for the video, Sergio! I’m sorta one of those players who has been teaching themselves, but hasn’t been progressing much because I haven’t really hit the basics. Trying to go back and get the mechanics down to feel more comfortable with the instrument. Gonna practice this and watch more videos and see how it goes for me!

  • Sergio

    Great to hear! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.