Entre Dos Aguas – Alzapua Passage



In this guitar tutorial, I’ll show you how to play this Alzapua passage in Entre Dos Aguas by Paco De Lucia.

This is a descending pattern in E minor also known as the Andalusian Cadence starting with Em – D – C – B7. The melody is in the bass part and seeing as it’s alzapua, we play it all with the thumb. Alzapua is a flamenco technique that utilizes the thumb to create a rapid succession of chords and notes runs. The term literally means ‘raise thumb’ and requires control of the thumb and wrist. We’re going to take it 2 bars at a time.

First, we have E minor in first position. Strum the chord from the 4th string downwards with a twist of the wrist. Then strike the B win the 5th string and land again on the 4th string, Repeat this. The thirds time you will strum up with the thumb before landing on the B again. Strum down and up with the thumb. Again play the B bass note with the thumb and then strum the Em from the 4th string. Use the play-along track below to practice the correct rhythm.

Next, we play the D chord with a strum down (with the thumb). Then follow the direction and rhythm as shown.

The C chord rhythm is a bit different in the first bar

Finish off with the B7 chord.

Play Along Track

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