How to Improvise with Chord Tones on Guitar


We’re going to look at the start of Manha De Carneval and use chord tones to do get you thinking about improvising. Chord tones will give you a starting vocabulary of notes you case to improvise with. This lesson will help to famillarise you with where along the fretboard you can find certain chords and chord tones.

Chord tones are essentially the notes in a chord. With Jazz chords we often find that chords can include 3, 4, 5 or more notes and these notes will give your solo some foundation.

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  • Veronica Delgado

    How can I download the sheet music?

  • Veronica Delgado

    Thank you Sergio. I really enjoy learning how to play this piece. I’ve been away from my classical guitar for a few years after somewhere losing my muse. Sadly it feels like I’m starting all over but this piece inspires me to learn once again.

    • Sergio

      Great to hear!