Summer Samba (So Nice) Guitar Lesson

This is a popular Latin piece by Marcos Valle often played as a Bossa Nova. I have made a solo arrangement featuring some extended chords and a melodic line that moves up the fretboard.

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  • Dominic Swords

    Thanks for this. Learning these pieces def requires a more thorough approach to learning. It’s hard to drop the learned behaviour of expecting to be able to pick up and play a piece with just a couple of run throughs. On this one, your suggestion of dwelling on the first couple of bars and nailing the groove works well. It’s easy to rush into the piece and have all that rhythmic feel fall apart. Spending time on the groove and properly internalising it really helps. Cheers Dominic

    • Sergio

      I think looping sections is very useful, and on the soundslice player you can also do that easily. Let me know if there are any particular parts that you might find challenging. I can also add the recording of me playing it onto the soundlsice player if that helps.

  • Dominic Swords

    Thanks. So far so good. There are some lovely chords in the piece and it ‘fits’ well on the fretboard. That opening few bars are admitedly tricky to maintain the rhythmtic pattern as well as producing good tone on the melody line. Cowboy chords they aren’t!!! And that part that goes from Am7 5th position back to Am 1st position. Beautiful rich sound in the chords.
    Reminds of the move in Besame from Am11 to D7 around the 3rd position. Classic Latin sound. A recording of your playing would certainly help. Cheers Dominic

    • Sergio

      Ok cool I’ll add that to the soundslice 👍

  • mgarcia

    Hi Sergio,
    Thank you very much for your knowledge sharing
    I find your style nice and simple.
    Any particular reason why I cannot print this Music sheet?
    I don’t see the “print” option at all in the settings, in other songs I can.

    Thank you very much
    Martin Garcia

    • Sergio

      Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your feedback, glad you are enjoying the lessons, Apologies for the error, I have adjusted the play along track, you should be able to print now. I also added the solo arrangement as well. Let me know if you need any further assistance.