Gipsy Kings Greatest Hits

The Gipsy Kings are well-known music group who originated in the south of France, in particular in Aries which is home to a thriving Gipsy community. They popularised the Rumba Catalana which is a fast popular version similar to the flamenco rumba.

The group consists of two bands of brothers: the Reyes (Nicolas, Canut, Pablo, Patchai & Andre) and the Baliardos (Tonino, Paco & Diego). The Reyes and the Baliardos gained a following along the Saint Tropez coast and the Cote d’Azur and released a chart-topping album  “Rumba Gitano” which included the hits “Bamboleo” as well as “Djobi Djobi” and the romantic ballad “Un Amor”.


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