The 3 stages of plucking technique

It’s a good idea to regularly revisit the fundamentals of right-hand technique. I particularly like Scott Tenant’s approach the Rest and Free stroke and this video shows an excellent close up of this process. There are 3 stages:

  1. Place: this first contact with the string is very important. If you don’t have contact with the string in a consistent and correct place on your finger, then the resulting sound quality will likely be poor.

  2. Pressure: an inward pressure is key here, with the power joint being the big knuckle joint. This string displacement is much like priming a spring ready to be released with potential energy.

  3. Release : The follow-through of the release is important too. Following this, the finger will relax and go back to neutral. The placement of the large knuckle joint will determine whether you will play Free or Rest Stroke.