Tip Of The Day: Major 7th Arpeggios

Today I’m going to show you a good technical exercise to add to your daily practice called Major 7th Arpeggios. After I’ve gone through some scales when I practice I like to go through some arpeggios.

There is a two octave arpeggio that I like to play.

Let’s say we start on G on the 6th String: G B D F# G B D F#

The I’m going to keep on moving it up.

You can also skip the tonic when you descend to keep the flow going.

What are you doing with the right hand? It’s a good idea to use i, m or combinations of p and i.m. a.

I recommend rest stroke and go for a consistent tone. Left hand fingers always near the frets and the LH thumb following fingers.

Thats the major 7th shape which you can do as a recurring pattern starting on G going

really good practice for your arpeggios, soloing and get your fingers warmed up.