Reading Practice Top 3 Strings

Here are some practice patterns for the first three strings in the first position.  Many guitarists are not great readers. The guitar is an instrument you can learn by ear and through playing with others, reading music generally happens when you have formal guitar lessons or classical guitar lessons.

So why work on your reading?

Well, reading gives you another approach to playing and helps you explore the language of music and its interpretation. I really enjoy reading music as it gives me a visual construct of what is happening. I see patterns and shapes, it’s a whole-brain experience and you get better at it over time.

Having reading skills will help you collaborate with other musicians and with writing and arranging your own music. It’s an extra string to your bow, also it makes you more employable in terms of gigs and teaching positions.

These exercises are just a starting point. There are many ways to go about learning to read but it really just takes time and effort and routine (just like learning anything else). The rewards are great and you will find your progress will come quickly.

First String

Second String


Third String