Mediterranean Sundance Latin Guitar Tutorial

Mediterranean Sundance is an iconic Latin guitar piece written by Paco De Lucia and Al De Meola. It was a featured track Al De Meola’s album Elegant Gypsy. It was later reworked and released by The Guitar Trio which consisted of Al De Meola, Paco De Lucia and John McLaughlin on the live album Friday Night In San Francisco.

Though it is a duo or trio piece I have made a solo arrangement of the intro which works quite well as a piece in its own right. In a later post I will look at part 2 which is the Rumba part.

Bars 1 to 4

We begin with an A minor arpeggio with an added 9 (B). The melody is essentially in the third string moving between fret 4 – 2 – 0 – 2 (B – A – G – A ). This is followed by an E minor 9/B arpeggios in a triplet fashion.

Bars 5 to 8

The next few bars feature a chord then melody section with the chords strummed quickly or with rasgueado.  They form a descending pattern (Spanish cadence) Em – D7 – Cmajor 7 – B7. Note that usually, we play C7 instead of C major 7. The melodic interludes have a blues feeling using the E minor pentatonic scale sliding up to the 12th fret. The descending part of the melody is in parralell fifths.

Bars 9 and 10

The chord then melody pattern continues but the melody gets very quick with demi-semiquavers. I recommend using a pick to get these notes really fluid but one can also using i and m fingering. The timing is tricky and you need to know where the down beat is. Use the play along track below to help you with this, you can slow down to start with and add a metronome click too,

Bars 10 and 11

We continue with this pattern but the first set of demi-semiquavers moves up a third.

Bars 12 to 16

The chord/melody interplay continues in the 7th position. The chords are all strummed with the RH thumb and the melodic notes are also slurred and played with the thumb. The chords are G to E minor

Bars 17 to 20

The chord sequence moves to G7  then F then C.

Final part

This is a melody in E harmonic minor then finishing with a B7 chord in 7th position.


 Play-Along Track

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