Misionera by Jorge Morel

In this guitar tutorial, I will show you how to play the first part of Jorge Morel’s arrangement Misionera by Fernando Bustamente. Morel was an Argentinian guitarist who wrote and arranged for guitar.

Intro bars 1-4

The intro features a 2 bar A minor chord sequence. The bass is playing an arpeggiated melody with the thumb. You need to hold the Am chord down and use the ‘4’ finger if your left hand to play the C and F.

Melody bars 5-8

The main melody is introduced on the first string and you will need to pluck this with your ‘a’ finger. The ‘1’ finger of your LH is already playing ‘c’ so you need to flatten it down to include the ‘F’ on the first string’. The i and m fingers play the other chordal notes.

Bars 5 – 8

The bass melody continues with the thumb on the downbeats while the melody becomes syncopated playing  ‘F-E’  three times with the rhythm shown (use the play-along track to help you with timing). The next two bars are in E, with the accompaniment switching to strings 5 & 6 in the bass aletrnating with G# and B on strings 2/3.


Bars 8 – 12

The harmony continues in E and the melody now playing F – F – E over the E arpeggios.


Bars 12- 16

We have a return to the F – E melody but this time over the E arpeggios. Then returning to A minor.

There are a number of things happening at the same time: Bass melody/arpeggio, accompanying chords, and melody in the treble or top strings. You can also practice each part separately before combining them. The melody is quite simple so try adding the bass part firrst then the fill in chords.

Play Along Track

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