Spanish Ballad Guitar Lesson

This is an iconic and popular guitar pice that uses 4 main techniques:

  1. Position Changes

  2. Bass plus Treble notes

  3. arpeggio style accompaniment

  4. Barre Chords

In this video, I’ll take you through each element of technique and give you suggestions on how to practice this piece.

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  • Randy

    I have a Cordoba GK Studio Negra…what strings do you recommend? Do you use all nylon? The store gave me a pack of Ernie ball Earthwood Nylon Classic Ball-End.

  • Sergio

    Hi Randy, I would try StringByMail they have a great selection of Flamenco guitar strings and at a reasonable price.
    Here is a link:

  • Gabriel

    Hey Sergio, great video! I’m looking for the PDF you mentioned in the description of the video..?

    • Sergio

      Hi Gabriel, apologies for the mix up, the link is now available on the post. Hope you enjoy!

    • Gabriel

      Thank you!