Tango by José Ferrer Guitar Tutorial

Tango is an intermediate classical guitar piece by Spanish guitar composer José Ferrer. This piece is in the form of a Spanish tango which features this main rhythm:

It is in binary form (2 sections) with the A section the key of A minor and the B section in A major. There are also a lot of embellishments in the form of ‘crushed notes’ (acciaccatura) and trills, these will need to be played on the beat and quickly.

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  • Dominic Swords

    Hi Sergio This is an awesome song. I have been unexpectedly busy the last couple of weeks and so haven’t been able to book a zoom session as previously discussed. I’ll get that done and suggest some dates. Back to this tango. I have got the first part under my fingers technically and have even begun to incorporate the nuances of expression. I love the crush note technique. I had never been aware of it before this vid. It has such an expressive sensation when played: both for the player and its tonal effect for the listener. It suits the expressive, almost flambuoyant mood of the tango so well. BTW I had also been working on Retrato Brasil. Mindful of your comment about ‘does the music move your audience’ I played the piece as far I have it to my wife. She was surprised to hear me play a piece like this and described it as ‘so beautiful, I want to cry….’. Well it is certainly a beautiful piece and I genuinely feel moved as I play it as well as sharing that depth of connection with my wife. Hopefully others too in time. Crikey, music!! What a gift to the world. See you soon. Dominic

    • Sergio

      That’s lovely to hear! That’s the real point of music isn’t it to evoke feelings and a sense of connection. No rush on the zoom.

  • Dominic Swords

    O yes, and thank you for your fantastic videos!!!

    • Sergio

      Thanks Dominic.