Flamenco Improvising over Spanish Cadence Tutorial

I’ve had a few comments about improvising over flamenco chords and in particular over the Spanish Cadence. The Spanish Cadence is a very common chord progression that occurs in Spanish music and flamenco which uses the chords IV – III – II – I. It is usually in a minor key and often occurs n flamenco in guitar keys. From this cadence many pieces are composed and it serves as a building block of a piece often from which one can depart into other music ideas (or return home to). Today I will show you my favourite riffs for improvising over the Spanish Cadence in E minor. I should add that these are just a few ideas of literally thousands of things you can play over these chords but, just like in blues and jazz, they are a good addition to your improv vocabulary.

Play along Track and Bonus Content available in Latin Guitar Masters


Video Recommendation : Entre Dos Aguas by Paco De Lucia



  • Drguitars

    A great lesson to anyone wanting to learn this sort of style. Clear and concise lesson that you don’t have to wait forever to get into. Loved finally getting into this and experimenting. I cannot thank Sergio enough for the expert advice.