Understanding Jazz Chords

In this video we will look at what the Latin jazz chords are in a major key. We will also look at how these chords are constructed and give a few examples of common jazz progressions.

For this example, we’ll explore the chords in the key of C major.

We derive the chords in a key by building a triad (plus extensions) from each note of the scale. Let’s begin:

C triad is C E G with and added 7th note B we get C major 7

D triad is D F A and add 7th C = D minor 7

E triad is E G B plus D = E minor 7

F triad is F A C plus E  = F major 7

G triad is G B D F = G 7 (dominant 7)

A triad is A C E G = A min 7

B triad is B D F A = B min7 b5 or B hald diminished

Here are the chords used in the video:

In the member’s section, we’ll explore further chord voicings and chord progressions:

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Chords in Major Keys


C maj7 D m7 E m7 F maj7 G 7 A m7 Bmin7b5
G maj7 A m7 B m7 C maj7 D 7 E m7 F# min7b5
D maj 7 E min 7 F# min 7 G maj 7 A 7 B min 7 C# min7 b5
Emaj 7 F# min 7 G # min 7 A maj 7 B 7 C # min 7 D # min7 b5


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