Retrato Brasilero

Baden Powell was a leading Brasilian guitarist and composer. He wrote in many styles including Bossa Nova and Samba, Popular Brasilian and Latin Jazz. He toured internationally for many years especially Europe and collaborated with many well-known artists including Vinicius de Moraes, Billy Blanco and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro.

Here is one of Baden Powell’s slower pieces, it has a reflective feel with choro elements. It moves through a simple jazz harmony in Em.

  • Title: Retrato Brasilero
  • Composer ; Baden Powell
  • Key : E minor
  • Time : 4/4
  • Style: Brasilian Slow Choro

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  • Dominic Swords

    Hi I hope all is well. I have been going back to this in my practices and playing it pretty well now. Can I ask if …….. part 2 is on the way? It’s a beautiful piece. I must say I have been listening to a lot of BP’s work. Funny when finding someone’s canon of work you get this accelerated version of his material over time. And lose that sense of how it has developed gradually as he learns his craft and explores his creativity. I must say his album tempo feliz absolutely hit me between the ears. Lots of beautiful songs with wonderful harmonies. Deixa is a real stand out for me on that album. Any chance sometime of a lesson???? He was doing that in 1966!!!! Obvs the musical explosion that was happening for us in europe and the USA had its creative equivalents in Latin America. And it wasn’t just Jobim!! I didn’t know the half of this tbh. What a joyful discovery.

    • Sergio

      Yes I should have part 2 up soon! Did you say you would like to do a zoom lesson?

  • Dominic Swords

    How does a zoom session work for a lesson? On the practical side what is the duration and the fee? Yes I would be interested. Dominic

    • Sergio

      Well, at the moment all of my lessons are on zoom for the school that I teach at, if we can get the sound settings right it can work pretty well and also if we can manage to find a time that is suitable. Where are you located?
      I charge $70USD for one hour.

  • Dominic Swords

    Hi. I’m in the UK. At the moment that puts you 9 hours ahead I think. So that would suggest if for example we did it at 09:00 uk it would be 18:00 for you. Just about doable I’d guess? I have a decent audio setup for zoom with a rode mic and appropriate settings as I have ‘performed’ at a friends virtual folk club during lockdown. Maybe I prepare say a couple of pieces to show u what I have been doing and we take it from there. One could be a slower piece like Retrato brasileiro and another one more up tempo. Or what would u suggest? That’s assuming we can find a suitable time/day.