¡Rumba Flamenca! for Solo Guitar Tutorial

Play-along Track

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Today I want to share with you my arrangement of the popular Spanish/Flamenco piece Rumba Flamenca. The Rumba is a common flamenco dance form (palo) characterised by the rhythm 3 – 3 – 2. A Rumba is traditionally played at a slow to medium pace but this arrangement is more dramatic at faster tempi.

I would say it is at an advanced/intermediate level as there are number of techniques happening at the same time. These include melodic playing, a bass part and accompanying arpeggios. Balancing these elements is a bit tricky but with slow practice you will get there. I would recommend keeping a metronome handy.

The first section features a melody in the bass played by the thumb and with the fingers i and m (index and middle) play the open first and second strings.

The next section is more complex with the melody starting in the treble part and moving to the bass before returning to the melody. The bass keeps the Rumba going in the 3 – 3 – 2 rhythm and there are also some accompaniment notes.

After that we move to a circle of fifths progression going E7 – Am – D7 – G – D7 -C#7 – C7 – B7 then a bass riff and an E minor chord played in triplets.


The next part features a Spanish Cadence (which  I spoke about in my last lesson) starting with arpeggiated chords Em – D – C7 and B7.

The final section features a Rumba strumming pattern with the same chords.