Inspiracao by Garoto

Here is a beautiful prelude by Brasilian guitarist Garato. He lived in the first part of the 20th Century and was an icon of Brasilian guitar. He wrote in many South American guitar styles including choro, samba and bossa nova. His guitar music is complex and rich in jazz harmony and challenging guitar techniques. This prelude provides an entry point into his music for the intermediate guitarist.

Key points:

  • Keep the melody moving forward with the supportng arpeggios, it needs a lyrical feel rather than just playing straight quavers.
  • Find moments of relaxation for you right hand, as there are numerous barre chords.
  • Work out the harmony/chords.
  • Work one section at a time.

A difficult part of this piece is actually learning it and reading the sheet music so I have made sheet music/TABS which is available for members below:

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