Essential Daily Guitar Drills

These drills are designed to get your fingers warmed up but are easy enough so that you can really work on good physical programming. I do these exercises with my beginner/intermediate students every lesson and I encourage them to do them every day. Once you have memorized them you won’t necessarily need to play along with this video, but I also recommend that you use a metronome.

The first drill is a right hand walking exercise.

Take care to move the right hand up and down as you move to each new string. You can also try alternating the i m fingers more deliberately, so that they are ready for the next stroke. Try also some m a, or i a variations.

Keep left hand still and fingers near the frets.


Try not to use helper fingers to push down on note, this is a great strengthening workout and also develops independence.

These are easy arpeggios designed to get you playing with free stroke a bit. You can also use i m a.

These are the natural notes in first position, like playing the white notes on the piano. This scale contains a number of scales and modes.

In the coming weeks I will be posting intermediate and advanced warms up as well.

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