Asturias by Albeniz

Asturias is a famous piece by Isaac Albeniz. He was a Spanish composer and virtuoso pianist. Many of his pianist pieces have been transcribed for guitar because they sound great on guitar. This probably because he was inspired by guitar music of Spain and flamenco in particular. He is credited as writing in the Spanish nationalist style.

Asturias is probably the most famous of his compositions and a standard amongst classical and flamenco players. This is a simplified version which as a beginner you gives you a feel for this wonderful Spanish melody.




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  • 1

    Is there a right way to finger the e's in the upper register?

    Jeff Tuson

    It’s easiest for me to play them all with my index finger. Would there be reason to alternate index and middle, or does it really come down to what’s most comfortable? I realize the key here is emphasizing the bass line, but I do wonder about the open e fingering.

    • Sergio

      I think it’s fine to just use index for the open E. The only reason fo alternate would be to get it to high speeds. Great question!