Leccion by Sagreras

Julio Sagreras was an Argentinian guitarist and composer. Born in Buenos Aires he was a guitar prodigy and also studied piano and composition. He founded his own guitar school Academia de Guitarra and gave many concerts in Argentina between 1900 and 1936. He is best known for his guitar method that is very progressive and has been used widely. His more famous compositions include Maria Luisa (a mazurka), El Zorzal (Estilo), Violetas (Waltz), and the virtuosic El Colibri. 

Leccion by Sagreras

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  • 1

    to lift finger or not?


    In Bar 1, should the second finger remain on A, and likewise in Bar 2, should the first finger remain on C. which reduces finger movement, but makes the note linger over the later notes played, which don’t sound as crisp. What is the preferred finger method? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks, Vincent

    • Sergio

      You can keep the finger on the note if that helps create legato and smoothness. I don’t like overlapping of sound when it comes to melody, I prefer to do this when it’s more of an arpeggio situation. The hold finger down idea is good for efficiency rather than using it musically. Hope that helps.