Chega De Saudade

I have arranged Tom Jobim’s Chega De Saudade for this week’s lesson. In this arrangement, I have opted for a more arpeggio approach as there are long gaps between the melodic notes, you can also shape the chordal accompaniment with interesting dynamics to create compelling phrasing.

I have put accents on the melodic notes so that you can aim to bring them out in the arrangement. Even though on the score I have not written long notes for the melody you should try and keep these notes sustained as well. There are some spaces where you can add your own accompanying notes if you like, the main thing is to keep the quaver groove going, keep a smooth flow.

Lesson posting this week!

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  • Dominic Swords

    Beautiful arrangement Sergio. Interesting how a change of key brings out different aspects of the melody. In Em those 6ths in bars 6 and 7 fall so naturally under the fingers and provide a new flavour to the tune. Thanks for the video. I notice how there is no substitute – for me certainly – for seeing you play the piece. I can watch and learn, but even tabs don’t give me enough info to replicate a piece that I have not seen performed. Cheers Dominic