How to Solo over Circle of 5ths Progression

In this lesson, we’ll look at how I created a solo over a circle of fifths chord progression. We’ll look at the chord tones and modes that I am using so that you can work out how to create your own solo improv ideas.

Here’s the chord progression:

Here’s the solo with a description above of the scale I am using:


Let’s have a quick look at the scales and/or chord tones I am using.

Bar Chord Chord Tones Scale
1 Em7 E-G-B-D E Dorian
2 A7 A-C#-E-G A Mixolydian
3 Dmaj 7 D-F#-A-C# D Ionian
4 Gmaj7 G-B-D-F G Lydian
5 C#m7b5 C#-E-G-B C# Locrian
6 F#7 F#-A#-C#-E F Phrygian
7 Bm7 B-D-F#-A B Aeolian
8 B7 B-D#-F#-A B Mixolydian


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