Spain Guitar Version (Chick Corea)


Spain is a Jazz Latin piece written by Chick Corea inspired by the second movement Rodrigo’s Concerto Concerto De Aranjuez. It features a syncopated melody that is played in unison and also includes a flamenco-inspired circle of fifths: the chord progress Gmaj7 – F#7 (b9) – Em – A7 (b9) – Dmaj7- Gmaj7 – C#7 – F#7 – Bm – B. When I perform this piece I play it as a fast Rumba and solo in a G Lydian mode (using notes of the D major scale). I have added my own fingerings which I find works best on the nylon guitar.

The most challenging part of the piece is staying in time and getting the rhythm correct, especially when other players are also playing along. So special attention needs to be paid to this and slow playing is, as always recommended.



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